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Our management style is highly customized to the business or person we are working for, in order to build their audience and work toward their objectives. We use techniques that ensure your feed isn’t just fluff, filler or self-promotion posts; there is a vast range of content to keep your following engaged and involved with what it is you do. Our Management Packages are designed to suit the individual.

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Social Media Strategy

Strategy is the most important part of any element of business – social media is no exception. Our strategy packages are defined in a comprehensive report which covers everything from hashtags and content style, to posting times and target audience. This strategy is ideal regardless of whether you are outsourcing your social media or doing it in-house. A strategy will ensure all of your social channels are working cohesively towards achieving your objectives.

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Email Marketing

We can develop a custom email system to reflect your brand, connect with your audience and showcase your product or services through customer intelligence based email campaign designs.


Campaigns Development

If you are looking to run a campaign on social media such as a sale, launch of a new product, or a competition – we can ensure that your channels are used to effectively reach your target market. Our campaigns and competitions packages includes strategising the campaign, and implementing its key elements to ensure it gets high level reach & engagement.

Content Creation

Having worked in social media for years, you get a knack for knowing what content works - a content development specialist puts this into practice. We can develop blog posts with optimised keywords, or a branded Instagram content pack for your in-house team. For media based content we have photography + video packages for your website or social media. We even offer a popular subscription based package!

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Social Media Training

When you want to introduce a defined strategy to achieve your goals, and understand how to best use the platforms to reach your audience and showcase your product, our training options are the way to go. For everyone from an inhouse team to a new startup, we offer a range of options to suit the individual or group.



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