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All aboard, we’re going inter-DASH-ional! 

We recently accomplished a big milestone in our small (but mighty) office - we scored our first international client. This is super exciting for our agency as we’re constantly making strides to achieve bigger and better things and most importantly we’re learning the best way to do so as we go along. 

In saying that, when this opportunity came our way we weren’t about to turn it down but we made very clear that it wasn’t an area we were very experienced in. We were lucky that our now client was very open and accommodating to letting us work through a process from start to finish. 

So, how the hell did we do it? 

Well, technology is a wonderful thing and as it turns out from someone who isn’t too well travelled, the time difference between Australia and Hong Kong is only a few hours. 


This client referral came from a contact originally from the Sunshine Coast. So let this be a lesson learned that contacts and referrals can come from anywhere. It’s important to have a strong brand because it might just be that someone you met 9 years ago will send a client your way. 

In just a few emails and a Skype call, we had everything we needed to develop a social media strategy. This is something we recommend all clients invest in before having their pages managed as it gives them and us a full run-through on their current business position and you guessed it, a strategy moving forward to tackle their socials and maximise brand exposure. Our strategy presentation went seamlessly with the client being over the moon with the direction we had suggested and he even picked up some tips and tricks for socials along the way. 

This particular client is the proud owner of a niche restaurant and wanted a full revamp of its digital presence. This meant that we needed some new content to work with. After all, are you more likely to eat at a restaurant that has quality photos of what is on offer? - We sure are. We wanted photos so clear you can practically smell how delicious the food is. So our next hurdle was to arrange and coordinate a media shoot from the other side of the world. We have a select number of trusted photographers that we work with here on the coast and while we like to dream big, sending them to Hong Kong just wasn’t an option - turns out taking the entire agency on a 4 week holiday in the name of “work” cannot be claimed as a tax deduction (I know, we were disappointed too). 

We developed a media brief filled with all the details of what we were after and made sure to use plenty of inspiration photos. While this is beneficial when working locally, it is even more crucial in keeping communication on the objectives clear when you’re not able to be there on the day. 

We took our time conducting some industry research before selecting a few photographers who we felt could carry out the task of bringing our vision to life across the pond. We forwarded our client a media brief and the photographers we recommended he pick from and in a short time the finer details were negotiated and we had a date locked in.

TIP: Select a photographer that has a portfolio of work similar to what you would like to achieve. For us, this meant establishing if they had experience shooting different kinds of food in a style similar to our vision. 

From there it was business as usual! We manage this client the same way we do any other.

All in all, this was a huge opportunity for us as an agency and one we took great delight in bringing to life. We look forward to working with them on their campaign to increase brand awareness for the coming months. 

Onwards and upwards, 

The Dash team