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Goodbye to 'She the Social'... and hello to Dash of Milk

Needless to say, we are beyond excited to be introducing our new brand to the world and starting a new era for the business.

While playing with branding designs and website layouts has been a fun part of the venture, the rebrand is about much more than a change in logo - it is a revamp to our business direction and offers which will become clear as we move through 2019.

We simply felt like it was the right time to take the business to the next level and push forward for ourselves and our clients in terms of services, offerings, content and our platforms.

Feeling the full motivation of the new year, new office space and new brand - we are more than ready for all of the exciting avenues (and hard work) that comes with that.

To keep updated on everything we are doing, you can..

Welcome to Dash of Milk - ‘Sunshine Coast’ Social Media Agency!